Thursday, September 23, 2004

Crazy days.

Today we took our small group of mentees out to lunch --- a few of them for every one or two of us. About five or six came to lunch with myself and a friend of was fun and I felt like we got to be a little bit more like our true selves since we weren't in front of the whole group playing "I'm A Positive Person and An Exceptional Role Model" for them, a position that is clearly patently untrue in my case. Overall, I'm still enjoying the peer mentoring gig.

Weirdest moment was probably when we were walking to lunch and one of the 1L's asked me if I had ever been to this bar that's right across from the law school. I told him I couldn't go in it because it has the same name as an ex-boyfriend of mine who I really hate and it just makes me angry to even walk by it...I was trying to be kind of flippant/funny since I am (obviously to me) not holding a grudge against someone that broke up with me almost three years ago, but he was like "Oh my god, that's the most bizarre reason I've ever heard for not going in a bar..." and then went on for a minute about how strange that was. And then I felt like maybe it was weird, but oh well, I guess I can't help it.

Anyway, no word yet on Grandpa Spatula but I'm sure he'll be fine...he's a strong guy, even for an 83 year old...and he's stubborn as hell, so he'll be back on his feet in no time. I still have to work at the student organization fair tonight, then run across town to a potluck for another organization I'm involved with and then tomorrow there's even more fun stuff planned, not the least of which is the law school picnic. I feel like I'm already back in school -- pressed for time and stressed out. Fun.

UPDATE: Grandpa Spatula made it through surgery in one titanium piece to be exact. They actually expect for him to be up walking around by tomorrow night. Gotta love technology.
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