Sunday, September 19, 2004

Star Jones...Different than Joan Rivers, but still as totally annoying.

I am watching Star Jones host the red carpet Emmy coverage on E!. It's been on for 53 minutes.

Number of times she has mentioned her boobs/the size of her boobs/how many people are staring at her boobs/how jealous people are of her huge boobs: 5

Number of times she has said "Black don't crack": 2

Number of times she's mentioned that her fiance is there with her and what a great wonderful catch he is: 4

Number of times she's held the microphone awkwardly with her left hand so that the camera can focus on her huge diamond engagement ring: Infinity+1

She also asked Anne Heche how her baby was, and then looked into the camera and said "Homer (the poor kid's name), Mommy and Auntie Star say hello." I had no idea she was so close to the Heche sure-to-be-batshit-crazy-like-his-mommy baby.
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