Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Day 3 of my captivity...

M. forwarded me an email that someone at her squadron sent out regarding the fact that an organization was going to sell bratworsts today at lunch to raise money.

Subject line: Sausage Fest Reminder.

Never let it be said that you weren't reminded. I am considering using this as the subject line of every email I send out for the rest of my life...just so no one forgets.

Also, I overheard this in class today:

Prof is shuffling around rambling on about something and a person in class (and frequent WWFFD reader) goes..."Drugs are bad...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmkay"

So funny. Maybe you have to know the prof to appreciate the humor, but never was there a more fitting comment.

Other stuff:

- Lately I have a thing for salt and pepper hair on men. Not sure where this new obsession is coming from, and I don't see it replacing the deeply entrenched "naked push-ups" fetish, but I'm happy it opens up a whole new age group of men for me to ogle. Yay.

- A reader today inquired about Grandpa Spatula and so I should let everyone know he's doing fine...he's staying at a short-term care facility until he's all the way up and about -- but should be home in the next few days. 1 out of every 3 old people that breaks a hip dies, so we're very happy that he's doing so well. I owe a big thanks to everyone who sent healing thoughts his way.

- I got a callback from the place I interviewed for the other all remember, the resume toucher. I have NO earthly idea why they're giving me a second interview but I'm happy because it's a good place to work, a medium sized firm that does the type of stuff I would like to do, and it's in the state I would like to practice in eventually. The rest of OCI for me takes place next week...not much to say on the subject except that I hope I get a job because I only have like 4 pieces of resume paper left and my printer is out of ink. These two things set up a spiral of laziness so profound that there is an almost 100% chance I will never escape and send out another resume the ones already out there (all 4 of them) have to do the trick.

- A 1L asked me a question today. He has the same professor and the same book for the same Contracts class I took last year. My answer? "Why don't we google that and find out?" I am the worst peer mentor ever. But the best googler. And I always bring snacks, and glitter pens, and change for the soda machine.

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