Saturday, September 25, 2004

Back to school again...

I finally went today and bought my books...$500!!! This is BAD! I am going to be extra careful with them, find some used ones (hopefully) on Ebay or Amazon, and then return them. Jesus. What a racket this textbook thing is.

Went out last night with my friend from school and her husband and some people from her husband's work. It was really fun and so nice to be around non-law school people who have interesting lives and jobs and don't know or care to know anything about Torts or Civil Procedure.

Today is the day of sloth...I'm watching one episode after another of What Not To Wear on TLC and drinking obscene amounts of Diet Coke and eating ice cream out of the container. Tomorrow starts reading for the first day of school, I'm totally bummed at the amount of first day reading I have -- don't these professors know that I'm not ready yet!!!! I am excited about my classes though, I think they'll all be pretty good. I'm in particular looking forward to International Legal Processes...the professor is supposedly really demanding but honestly that seems kind of refreshing, I would love to have a challenging class to keep me busy and maybe even...gasp...teach me something.

Anyway, tonight it's out to an indie rock show with my roomie from last year...not my usual scene but she's so fun and she promised we could go to this supposedly very awesome pub for a few beers, so I'm happy!
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