Monday, September 27, 2004

Reflections on my first day as a 2L

OK, technically I guess I might have been a 2L after I passed my final exams last year...but today, walking around the school and attending classes, I really FELT like a 2L.

Evidence: Seems like it will be pretty interesting. The prof is someone I had last year and thought was a good teacher and he tends to teach out of TV and movies, which is something I can get into. Overall, I think the amount of work is proportionate to the credits of the class (which runs for two quarters).

International Legal Processes: Love it! The teacher is supposedly super demanding, but that wasn't in evidence today. There is a lot of reading, but it's interesting and mostly not typical case law type stuff, given the subject. I happen to find treaties fascinating! OK, maybe not really, but overall, I'm excited and happy to be there.

Family Law: Can anyone say, SOCRATIC METHOD?? The subject is interesting but I'm so nervous about the teaching method that I'm not sure how much I'll learn in class. He doesn't answer any questions directly, instead calling on his next victim to answer the question. He also asked at least four questions that were not in the edited case in the casebook. Scary. Everyone who's had him though has said it's been totally worth it, so I'm going to try to stick it out despite the fact that I'll probably barf the first time he calls on me.

Basic Income Tax: The prof seems really cool and seems to have a good sense of humor...he even told a funny story today. The work is HARD! There is math, already...I DO NOT heart math. On a sidenote, the class is being taught in the classroom named after him...god bless endowments I guess!

Non-class observations: Everyone looks the same as last year, but many seem nicer/less stressed out. Perhaps now that they've all solidified their positions in the pecking order they don't have to spend all their time trying to equalize the playing field by being mean to the mere mortals. Diet Coke went up .25 in the machine. That blows. What a ripoff.

I am giving myself the next couple days to figure out the schedule, and then I'm going to try to add back in gym time. I'm taking 17 hours this quarter which isn't a totally crazy schedule, but 12 is full-time and most people take 12-15, so I am hoping I didn't bite off more than I could chew. Guess we'll see. One day down, 9 weeks and 4 days to go...woo hoo.
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