Tuesday, September 28, 2004


OK...just so we're clear...I'm agonizing over where I'm going to work and what I'm going to do with my life and whether I will ever get my shit together enough to be a big-girl lawyer...and this moron is not only a sexual predator (no matter what the judge says) but is continuing to work as a law clerk...which insinuates that there is an employer out there willing to PAY a law clerk who is in jail for being a sexual predator. Kind of makes being below the top 25% seem a little bit less important as a hiring factor.

Also, make sure you read carefully -- the women weren't nude -- HE was nude!!! That's so perv-y.

As always, here's the relevant information:

COLUMBUS, Ohio Sept. 28, 2004 — An attorney was sentenced to a year and a half in jail for ambushing dozens of women while nude and taking pictures of their shocked expressions. But Stephen Linnen, 34, won't lose his law license and will be allowed to leave jail to continue work as a law clerk.

He must start serving his time next week after being sentenced Monday under a plea bargain in Ohio's Franklin County Common Pleas Court. He pleaded guilty earlier this month to 53 misdemeanor counts of public indecency, sexual imposition and criminal trespassing.

Linnen, a former lawyer for the Ohio House Republican caucus, has admitted to photographing women while he was unclothed over nearly two years, gaining the name "the naked photographer." He apologized in court, but none of his victims was there.

Judge Tommy Thompson declined to label Linnen a sexual offender, saying he was not a threat to the community and was unlikely to repeat the offense.
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