Monday, September 13, 2004


I watched LAX t0night, in my neverending quest to find decent TV shows that I can become unnaturally attached to and which will eventually suck up all my free time while I eat too much and avoid writing legal memos and doing assigned readings. I wasn't overly impressed. The first thing that pissed me off was the baggage handlers driving the cart thingie all crazy which caused a dog carrier to fall off and a dog to escape...much forced hilarity ensued as the baggage handlers chased the dog all over the airport and tarmac. I happen to love dogs. I wasn't really that amused. I actually had a little tear in my eye when the dog almost got hit by a plane. Then I started thinking of the poor family that is missing their dog, a part of their family, and how they don't know if he's OK. And then I wondered if he was cold or hungry. You can see how this spiraled out of control. Jesus, I'm gonna have a beer and a Hershey bar and try to effing relax. Note to self: It's only a TV show. That dog makes more than I ever will. The second through tenth things I didn't like were pretty much all the characters except the hot Aussie guy who's the passenger coordinator or whatever. Yummy eye candy.

Also, I watched the season premiere of Las Vegas. It's a good thing that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by battle can be cured in a one hour show with a nap and the love of Nikki Cox. Fabulous. Overall though, not too bad. I'm honestly glad they're getting over the war drama quickly and getting back to the real storyline...I'm trying to be entertained here people.

Of note: I'm watching the 10 o'Clock news right now. (A) If you are a woman who is going to be interviewed on TV, maybe get rid of the facial hair ahead of time. Please. (B) There's no B. Everything else on the news is stupid. Wake me up when the news isn't entirely monopolized by people who have nothing intelligent to say and are willing to do it over the course of a half hour three times per day. And honestly, the weather man here has it so easy. Let's see...I think tomorrow it might rain. Today it rained. The day before that it rained. It ALWAYS rains. I think if you can accurately identify that wet stuff falling from the sky, you're probably good to go.

UPDATE: I'm going to a local Oktoberfest this weekend. Hooray for beer. Mmmmmm...Spaten Optimator.

UPDATE 2: They just showed the long term forecast. Gee, the next seven days have pictures of big gray clouds with little blue drops falling from them. Could it be rain? I wonder....
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