Monday, September 27, 2004

Candybars: King-Size or Bust

In Britain, Masterfoods, maker of Mars and Snickers, says that they are apparently going to take king-size candy bars and sell them in two "shareable portions" rather than one large piece in response to concerns about obesity, and to keep up with companies like McDonalds who are now offering healthier choices.

"Shareable" is of course the codeword for "I have no intention of doing anything except eating this entire thing myself, just like I've always done." Who is going to turn to their friend and go "Gee, would you like to share this candybar with me? I don't want to eat an unhealthy amount of fat, sugar, and calories...which is why I choose to spend my money on KING-SIZE candybars!" I just can't see it.

I'm off to my first day of school! Diet Coke money...check. Flask...check (just kidding brand new profs in case you read this). Shiny pink hologram folders...check. Pink glitter pens with my name on them...check. $500 and 82 pounds worth of books...check. Apathy...check, check.
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