Monday, September 13, 2004

Hello again!

Well, I arrived safely in TVPNM and got all moved in this weekend. There are still boxes stacked everywhere, but this morning I got the cable and internet hooked up -- and by a studly cable guy no less. So, all is well.

Here's a few observations of life in my new place so far.

1) Thankfully I can hear everything my neighbors do and say -- my recommendation is that the girl neighbor needs to think about getting checked out for TB, that cough sounds pretty bad.

2) I am on the ground floor in the corner, shielded from the street and any prying eyes that might notice if someone is breaking into my place to rape and murder me. The complex was nice enough to put the hinges to the patio door on the outside. Safety first. This is one of the (many) times that I am happy to be a gun owner.

3) The apartment that I am living in is NOT the same as the one they showed me when I came looking, it's totally different. So, instead of a normal apartment layout, I have this funky gigantic room that is supposed to be a combination living/dining room I guess. But it's just one huge awkwardly shaped room--no matter where I put my stuff it looks out of place. So, not sure how long it's going to be before I stop stubbing my toe on the couch because it's sitting in the middle of the room lording over all the other furniture.

Anyway, I am hoping to get up to about 80% done with unpacking today, and then tomorrow I get to go visit my favorite place on the planet, Financial Aid. Yay! I should be back to normal (read: not whining about moving/unpacking/etc.) posting by tomorrow night.
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