Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Professor Klarvin writes a book...Ohhhhh Lover.

I know that some of you may be thinking already about what to get me for Christmas. Well, think no more. My coffee table has a nice big empty spot just the right size for The Penis Atlas. The stated purpose of this book is "to inform, demystify and correct many existing misunderstandings about the male sex organ." And of course, I will treat The Penis Atlas with the respect and dignity it so clearly and richly deserves...I mean, it's science right? It's not like it would be appropriate to get really drunk with all my girlfriends and then critique all 100 penises in the book in minute and exacting detail. I would never do something like that. Really.

But, I DO think this would be the perfect book to start out the Energy Spatula Book Club with.

Let's see, for the first book club meeting I'm gonna need 15 copies of The Penis Atlas, four bottles of Absolut, internet access, hot oil, fruit roll ups, and a Twister game.
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