Monday, September 13, 2004

Blogger or MT?

So, school starts on the 27th, and my first OCI interview is next Monday, the 20th. In between those two things I think I might try to move the blog over to Movable Type...maybe. If anyone has comments on either moving or not moving, I would love to hear them. I love how easy Blogger is to use, but I hear really great things about MT, and I love the look of other people's MT blogs. One thing I would like to have is more ability to change the look of the blog -- without too much of a hassle. Would MT be better or worse for that kind of thing?

Also, as I sit here with the TV on, I notice that Mark McGrath is the new host of Extra. Um. OK. I'm willing to admit that 14:59 is a guilty pleasure. I love it. And I guess Extra isn't exactly cutting edge journalism, so maybe it'll work out. But it's just weird.
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