Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Good in Bed

I just bought Jennifer Weiner's new book, Little Earthquakes. If you're a girl and like to read, I cannot emphasize enough how fabulous her books are...especially her first one, Good in Bed. I have read it at least five times and I'm sure I'll read it five more. I won't go into a whole book review thing, but essentially Good in Bed is about a girl who is funny and real and whose ex-boyfriend gets a job writing a monthly article for a women's fashion magazine where he discusses her and their former sex life and their breakup for the entire world to see. She eventually (of course) triumphs, but in a REAL way. She doesn't lose weight and become beautiful and find the perfect handsome guy and get the perfect job. She stays chubby and meets a guy who thinks she's funny and beautiful the way she is and makes her own luck by being cool and strong. I love it!! Anyway, if you're interested in her writing or her books, stop by her website and read excerpts or check out the blog, I just can't say enough about how much I love her writing.

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