Friday, September 03, 2004

Gmail = electronic kudzu*.

Despite my best intentions, and giving away several invitations, I STILL have several Gmail invitations to give out. So, if you want one, drop me a line. If your grandma wants one have her drop me a line. Whatever. I even tried to give them to Gmail For Troops and they said they had WAY more invitations than people that want them. I gave one to my friend, Capt. Shane, who is actually in Iraq, and he said he'd ask around if anyone wanted one, but seriously, I can't give these stupid things away. Really.

In light of these developments I am dropping both the nudie picture and move my stuff while wearing a kilt requirements and will give one to anyone who wants one that is actually smart enough to let me email, comment, telegraph, morse code...whatever.

*For all non-Southerners, here's an explanation of kudzu so you can get my not-that-funny reference.
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