Monday, March 07, 2005

Scooby Snacks

I need snacks! Snacks are a crazy studying girl's best friend. Leave a comment/suggestion for good studying snacks. If you read this post and don't leave a comment, THL is going to kick your ass. Or if she won't, then I will...just as soon as exams are over. And after I get back from visiting my family for Spring Break. Oh yeah, and after the Appellate Advocacy competition. Well, I'll do it just as soon as I have some free better be looking over your shoulder for me sometime in late 2009! Take that!!

UPDATE: I said EVERYONE had to leave a comment. There are 32 comments, which is about 10% of my average daily visitors...I think THL is going to be very busy kicking asses. But, thanks to those that did comment...I have lots of yummy snack ideas, I'll let you know what the trip to the grocery store later yields. Because I know you all care. Or not.
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