Thursday, March 31, 2005

Is it Friday yet?

Have you ever just been happily highlighting away only to realize that the book you're marking up is borrowed and doesn't belong to you? neither.

I have school all day and then I have to go to a meeting for this stupid Committee I got myself mixed up in on main campus. If ever there was an advertisement for the idea that meetings are big, fat, wastes of time and that having a committee with no clear purpose or goal is just an exercise in painfulness for all involved (except the one dippy leader), this particular committee woud be the prime example. And the meetings always last like 3 hours with absolutely no direction at all...generally by the second hour I have totally lost my patience both with the undergrad rep's and with the "leader" and am snapping away at everyone.

BUUUUUT, M. will be here for one day next week on her way somewhere else...YAY! I'm so excited. She's going to stay with me Wed. night, then go to school with me Thurs, then BEER...and then, since she was smart enough to marry a guy from Hawaii, her and K. get to go to Hawaii for about 10 days and have a honeymoon of sorts. Jealous!!
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