Friday, March 11, 2005

The Friday BTQ Five

Fitz sent these out and ORDERED us to answer them on pain of death...well, he asked nicely...acutally he just said "here they are, answer them if you want to" but, whatever, I'm taking some poetic license. I *think* he said Milbarge wrote them but I can't remember (because I have had 109 Diet Cokes today and got 4 hours of sleep last night due to being stressed about my Admiralty final and having an attack of what can best be described as "vertigo"...more on that later). Anyhoo...for what it's worth, here are my answers.

1. Tell me what's in your desk drawers right now.

I don't have a desk, and so, no desk drawers. My "desk" at home is my parent's old dining room table which is HUGE and weighs about 900 lbs. On top of it is the entire printed out Lexis version of Benedicts on Admiralty, about 4 empty Diet Coke bottles, a bluebook, a printer, a cell-phone charger, my name plate thing from my desk in the Air Force (a brass plate on a marble stand), a picture my mom painted, a big plastic thingie of highlighters from Costco, and a bunch of mail and a shredder...I love to shred!

2. How many states have you visited or lived in, and which of the others do you most want to visit?

Lived In:
New Mexico (twice)
Alabama (twice)
District of Columbia (sort of a state, right?)
Florida (three separate places/times)
Also: Korea and the Philippines

Visited (that are different than above, and I'm using the "significant visit" criteria...not just a stop-over at the airport):
North Carolina
West Virginia
New York (the state not the city)
Also: China, Hong Kong, Japan, Spain, France, Germany, Canada, Mexico

I like to travel and am lucky enough to have been MANY places (uh, see above), I would say that I always want to visit everywhere!

3. What was the last cd you purchased, and what was the last movie yourented/bought a ticket to?

The last CD I purchased was Joss Stone: Mind, Body, Soul. The last movie I rented was for a presentation I did for my Law and Pop Culture Class and it was Stripes. The last movie I rented for my own edification was Bend It Like Beckham, which I watch about once every six months or so because it's such a great love story.

4. Have you ever sung karaoke? If not, what song would you be willing to sing in front of people?

I have NEVER sung karaoke and there is no song I would be willing to sing in front of others. The caveat to this, of course, is that M. and I have MANY TIMES gone to Irish bars or piano bars where you could sing along with the music, and when everyone else is singing I will sing just about anything. If I HAD to choose a song, it would Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison. I love that song, it's my song, and M. and I make a point to drunkenly sing it at every possible opportunity. When I was little my dad would play it on his guitar and tell me he wrote it for me, I *love* that song.

5. What was the best concert you've ever attended, either because ofthe performance or because it was otherwise memorable?

The most "memorable" concert I ever attended was a show by a band called Gen and the Genitorturers in Tampa, Fl. was pretty much like it sounds. People would go on stage and the band would do all manner of terrible things to them. My boyfriend at the time was super into death-metal and industrial stuff and he really wanted to go. At that point in time I was pretty into music and considered myself quite the little alternative punk rocker, so I thought it would be fun. It was pretty gross though. You just haven't lived until you've seen someone's nipple pierced with a two foot long metal skewer right in front of you. Ick.

Probably the "best" concert I ever attended (outside of Jimmy, because, well, of COURSE his was THE BEST!) was also in Tampa, Fl. In high school I dated a guy who was in a band, and his band often opened for pretty big name industrial rock acts that would come through Tampa, like Front 242 and Skinny Puppy and stuff like that (Tampa is, if you don't know, the "Home of Death Metal" and *used* to have a pretty happening music scene). So anyway, this guy knew everyone and when a sorta not very well known (at the time) ska band named The Mighty Mighty Bosstones came through town, my boyfriend's friend told us about it and introduced us. We ended up helping them bring in their equipment and getting to chat with them before and after the show. I have loved them for the past 13 years or so since then. Remind sometime to tell you about the time that M. and I went to see them in Texas and she almost got into a fistfight with an old man (sorry M., but you know it's funny!). I bought a shirt at that show that my dad STILL wears when he rides his bike!

UPDATE: Here are Fitz's answers, and yes, Milby wrote them.
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