Friday, March 11, 2005

It's like deja vu all over again.

I have worked so HARD on this stupid Admiralty thing today that I'm taking a break and watching an hour of TV as a reward. What Not To Wear...I love it, a catty gay man and a snarky woman with "impeccable taste" tell people how ugly their clothes are...what could be better?

Of course, I am still not done with Admiralty (despite a page count that is truly out of control..he's probably going to choke when he sees this thing but for some reason I am unable to stop due to the fear that I might forget something. I am paralyzed by fear alternating between thinking I'm not answering the question asked, thinking that I am using too much out of the Treatises rather than the casebook, and thinking that I'm just plain old not doing it right and he's going to think I'm totally brain dead), I bet you could have guessed that...but I'm putting it aside until Sunday night so I can dedicate the next two full days to Fed Courts. I have about 1000 pages of Chemerinsky to read and although I was given a fab-yoo-less outline I do need to outline and brief some cases (by which I mean "all the important cases") and just get myself all synthesized and whatnot. Sigh. Not sure that any amount of supplement reading and last minute preparation is going to get me to the finish line...especially with a prof well known for embracing those "below the curve" discretionary grades. Bah!

So, what I'm telling you is that despite the fact that I just wrote two paragraphs, nothing much has changed since yesterday, or the day before that...etc.
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