Friday, March 25, 2005

Home sweet messy home

I got home this evening and totally forgot what a total dump I had left my apartment. After I walked in I was like "OH YEAH, I was going to spring clean this weekend!" So, guess this means it's an all out clean-fest tomorrow. Oh well, it probably needs it.

When I got home my internet was out for about three was awful. How did I get so dependent? Also, I bought some ice cream to make myself feel better about being all alone tonight (I miss my parents!), and I have a question...did Cherry Garcia used to be pink? I think it did...right? RIGHT?

I changed my spinning bike pedals -- hooray for new Shimanos to go with my new cycling shoes. And I don't even mind the toeclips when I'm not going out on the road. In public I'm too afraid I won't be able to get my feet unclipped fast enough and I'll fall down. I'm not really known for my gracefulness...hard to believe, I'm sure.

Anyway, back to The DaVinci Code. I'm finally getting a chance to read without the paper hanging over my head...I'm taking tomorrow off to read, watch TV, clean house, and get organized...I'll do my first day reading on Sunday. Also, I'm only taking three classes this quarter, plus an appellate advocacy competition, YAY for free time! You can all remind me I said that in four weeks when I'm bitching about how busy and crazy my life is.
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