Friday, March 18, 2005

On the road again...

I am leaving tomorrow morning at 6am to go home for Spring Break. HOORAY!

I have to write a 30-page paper while I'm gone, so I'll probably be on the computer alot, hence, it's unlikely I won't be blogging.

I had Chimay on tap tonight. God I love that stuff.

Also, I finished my Evidence poem for extra credit. It's so awful that I probably won't post it here unless I either get (a) really drunk, or (b) for some reason totally lose my mind.

Anyhoo...gotta go do the dishes and pack. Send happy thoughts regarding the weather, it's supposed to be raining all up the west coast tomorrow -- not great driving weather, and not great "looking at the scenery" weather either. It's unfair that the only time I get to see the beautiful area I live in is when I'm renting a car and driving home, and half the time it rains. BOO!

P.S. I had THE MOST AWFUL experience with the rental car company today. I will write more about it later -- but I highly recommend NOT USING National/Alamo car rental company. They suck.

P.P.S. Number one sign you live in the Thinly Veiled Pacific Northwest Metropolis? The homeless guy outside the car rental place downtown is panhandling with a Starbucks thermal coffee holder thingie (are those thermal travel ones called mugs?). I've been wanting one but can't afford it.
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