Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Cabana Boy 'O' The Week

I think Wednesday used to be Just Because Day (how sad is it that I can't remember what day JB day was and it was only like a month ago or something that I quit doing it). And I miss it. But instead of Just Because, I've decided to have Cabana Boy 'O' The Week. Unlike JB, this honor will not be totally based on splendiforous abs or being delightfully dirty or just generally being a big old hottie. Oh no, that's just not enough anymore.

The Cabana Boy 'O' The Week this week is someone I've been in love with for at least a couple of years now*. He's hot. He's handy. And, under that gruff exterior lays the heart of a man who wants to cook me breakfast and fix my car. That is the epitome of Cabana-hood.

Scott Patterson, aka Luke Danes -- Congrats! I'll expect you to be here no later than 6:15 am tomorrow morning when I wake up. You can help me figure out Admiralty, teach me Fed Courts, proofread my Evidence motion, make me dinner, clean my house, and then rub my feet. Doesn't that sound SO FUN? Also, I'll leave the Cabana Boy uniform out for'll be folded and placed in a thimble lying on the dining room table. You are SO WELCOME!

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*If you don't understand this post it's because you don't watch Gilmore Girls and I'm afraid we can't be friends's the bestest show ever. Except Boston Legal (HELLO? James Spader!).
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