Monday, March 28, 2005

I'm Bart, who the hell are you?

So, today was my first day of classes and guess what. In Professional Responsibility (hereinafter to be called "PR" cuz it's too long to keep writing), we watched The Simpsons. The one where Bart gets hit by Mr. Burns' car and the ambulance chaser lawyer convinces Homer to have Bart lie in court and pretend to be really hurt to get a million dollars. Anyway, it was fun and makes me think that at the very least the prof is going to be cool. Admin Law....uh....good prof, very engaging and energetic, and yet I see a Fed Courts type of situation in my future. I'm going to try SO HARD not to let that happen. Tomorrow I have Terrorism and Law, my one seminar class this quarter. Aside from that I'm doing an appellate advocacy competition, but that will be done in mid-April. I am SO glad this is the last quarter this year. I'm tired and I never feel like Spring Break is long enough to get all rested week? PUH-LEAZE.
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