Sunday, March 27, 2005

Decisions Decisions

I am having stress over deciding where to live. I finally found a sublet that looks pretty good (in the pictures at least), it's in Silver Spring, MD, and the ONLY real problem with it is that I would have to ride a bus to the Metro, and then take the Metro to work. I realize that tons of people do this every day, but it's just more money that I have to spend (and time), and I'm afraid that I will feel isolated if I'm not closer to work. On the other hand, it's unrealistic to think that I can afford the prices in the city for apartments...I'm working for the government, not a firm, *and* I have to still pay my rent here in TVPNM all summer since I can't sublet (should have checked the lease...damnit).

What I'm saying is that by the time I pay rent in D.C. and rent here, and the bills I have to pay, I will have spent my entire paycheck every month. So food, fun stuff, and other living stuff, will all be coming out of my parent's pockets (unless I win the lottery or something). I'll be losing money this summer. Again.


I am going to LQ's house for Easter dinner, and I have to go buy books today (since apparently it would kill our professors to all use the same books for the same classes, thereby allowing us to get used texts from our classmates). Looks like my Admin Law class is going to be this quarter's "Fed Courts." I'm vowing right now to keep up with it...shoot me if I get behind.

OK, enough histrionics for today. I gotta go for a bike ride and then do all my errands.
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