Tuesday, March 01, 2005


LOOKIE LOOKIE LOOKIE! I got a SPINNING BIKE! Right for my very own living room! YAY! I heart spinning bikes...they are the only thing I actually like doing at the gym, except running, which I can't do anymore thanks to the creepy effed up knee. I found it for about 1/4 of what it would cost new and the woman who sold it to me is some total crazy-rich financial advisor who told me she thought I was "fun and cute" and gave me her card so that once I become a lawyer "we can talk" about "my investments." I didn't have the heart to tell her that pretty much all of my disposal cash was actually in her possession as of the time of my purchase of her slightly used spinning bike. I'm po-or.

I didn't buy this one, but I just thought it was funny. I found it at Evilkid Productions.

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