Saturday, March 05, 2005

Let me check my shed-yool

To Do List:

1. Finish Admiralty "final problem" (essentially a take home exam)'s super-complicated and difficult, I would say more about it but the cover page specifically says not to discuss it...I think he means to talk about the particulars or ask for help, but I'll play it safe and just say that it's proving to be quite hard. Due a week from Monday.

2. Finish 20 page paper for Law and Pop Culture. By "finish" I mean "start and finish." Due by the end of exam two weeks from yesterday.

3. Write last motion in limine for Evidence. Due Thursday.

4. Come up with some kind of brilliant and creative way to earn last 10 participation points in Evidence. Plan and execute by next week sometime.

5. Learn all of Fed Courts, read a quarter's worth of unread Hart and Wechsler, create outline and somehow synthesize it all. Exam is one week from this Thursday.

As I've lamented before, there is no reading period or I have classes this whole week, plus all this stuff, plus my Fed Courts exam next week. Also, you're probably all saying to yourselves, "Damn, it seems like she was just bitching about exams YESTERDAY!" And, you're right. Only 8 short weeks ago I was in the middle of exams...and here I am again. And then one more set in mid-June. Do we all see why I hate the quarter system yet?

Anyhow, the point of all of this, to the extent there is a point, is that I may be (a) busy and not posting too much of substance, or (b) procrastinating and posting quite a bit of stuff, but still nothing of substance. Essentially what I'm telling you is that for the most part, life will go on as normal around here.

I hate exams. And the quarter system.
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