Thursday, March 24, 2005

Guess. What.?

I got my Admiralty grade last night. Oh. My. God. It's my very first ever Really Good Grade. I am so excited. I loved that class, and I worked so hard, and I got a good grade. There was no curve because it was a small class, but I know and trust that the professor is the kind of person who doesn't just give good grades because he can, he gives them only when people earn them. This is by far the proudest I've been of myself in law school. I did good work and was rewarded with a grade that actually means something to me.

I have been super busy hanging out with the family, and finishing my paper, but hopefully I'll be back this afternoon once my mom is gone doing her volunteer thing and my dad is at work. first (and likely only) good law school grade. Let's hope I still feel this good when I get back what is sure to be a petty darn awful Fed Courts grade.
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