Monday, March 14, 2005

E. Spat OUT

Having just come down from a two-hour long panic attack complete with a horrendous array of terrible symptoms like shaking, hyperventilating, nausea, and some kind of hive-ish red rash on various appendages, I can say right now that there is no way I am going to pass Fed Courts. I mean, I might pass in the sense that no one really "fails" a law school class unless they just don't show up or something (at least at my school), but I am definitely not going to meet the curve anywhere except on the far left-hand tail. Just call me Energy "Two Standard Deviations Below The Mean" Spatula.

I was so overwhelmed this quarter that I let the one class I *needed* to be on top of get away from me. I read the Chemerinsky sometimes, and have made a lot of notes in it in the past few days, which does me no good since I can't take it into the exam, but I haven't read my casebook really very much at all, so I have no idea where to find anything. I have a supplement and a kickass outline or two that don't make any damn sense because I'm such a dummy about the basics of the class.

Not only have I totally failed to be a diligent student in this subject this quarter, but I feel my lack of decent 1L class experiences really coming back to bite me. I guess I should be glad the ONE class I did well in during 1L was CivPro, anything with a statute is my happy place, and I know there will be a Habeas question on the Fed Courts exam which is mostly regulated by statute.

Anyway, the point of this post is that until after Fed Courts on Thursday, I will be MIA. Between my ongoing bouts of complete and utter panic, and the 750 or so pages left of Chemerinksy that I have to read and not be able to take into the exam with me (so memorize as well?), I am just not fit to be doing anything else except studying, nor should I be doing anything else. Have fun, read the archives, read the "Best Of" over there on the right by Darwin, talk amongst yourselves in the comments.

I will be back on Thursday. I will be done, one way or the other. I will probably be disheartened and dejected, and maybe even deathly ill, but DONE (and DRUNK!!!). Why did I take this class?

But don't worry -- there's still one more set of exams this year! We can all go through this together for a THIRD time in just 10 short weeks. Hooray.
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