Saturday, March 12, 2005

Just one big list of stuff that reflects how tired I am.

Do you ever wake up and you know you had a really weird dream that you meant to remember when it woke you up in the night but you can't remember it and it totally bugs you? ME TOO! Right now I am sitting here eating my Cocoa Krispies and drinking my first of MANY Diet Cokes for the day and I just *know* I had weird dreams last night all relating to one thing (not ships, boats or any other Admiralty topic for a change), but for the life of me I can't remember what it was. Damn that's annoying.

Today the agenda is STUDY, STUDY, STUDY! I am definitely going to need more Diet Coke and more snacks, so I guess a trip to the grocery store may be on the agenda as well.

I've gotten very attached to my recent mix of CD's and have been listening to them non-stop, over and neighbors must think I'm totally obsessed or something. Right now, the "exam mix" is:

Jimmy Buffett (currently License to Chill, but sometimes Boats or Ballads)
Bob Marley (Legend)
Joss Stone
Sublime (The Acoustic Live album)
Los Lonely Boys (this one has really grown on me)
Ka'au Crater Boys
Gary Allan (Smoke Rings in the Dark)
The Garden State Soundtrack

I have a feeling that by the end of the week I won't want to hear any of these again, but right now, I'm loving all of them...well, I've always loved all of them (even the Ka'au Crater Boys who I only found out about last month, I've still always loved them), but loving them *together*!

You might be asking yourself, if you're stll reading, why the HELL does she think we care about her music choices? And the answer is, I *don't*. I just don't have anything to write about because I haven't been out of my house and/or the library in over a week even though the weather has been warm and gorgeous. It's like a game, what things within sight of my couch can I find some way to write about? THE STEREO! YAY!

Clearly I am punchy...note to self: more sleep.

Oh yeah, I remember now that I promised to tell you about my "vertigo" incident. So, the night before last I went to bed and as I'm laying there trying to fall asleep all of the sudden I get some kind of sober version of the spins. The room felt like it was tilting, I felt nauseous, it was awful. I had to get up and go sit on the couch until I felt better...but I couldn't lay down for about an hour without feeling totally sick. Isn't that weird? My best guess for cause was dehydration, since sometimes I forget to drink enough water during exam time and only ingest caffeine for days on end, so yesterday I drank TONS of water and it didn't happen last night. And it only happened the one time so I'm pretty sure it's not an ear infection. But, whatever it was, it sucked...all the horrible spin-y-ness and none of the wonderful boozing. BOO!
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