Friday, March 25, 2005

Friday Spies ©

It's time for Friday Spies again, where Milbarge and Fitz write good questions and I post stupid answers that give you some insight into the far reaches of my personality, which is scary not only because it's actually pretty much the same in real life as it is on here, but also because it's really not that deep. I think before next week I might try to come up with a list of everyone who's doing it on a regular basis so you can see everyone else's answers as well, it's sort of more interesting when you can compare and contrast what different bloggers say.

1. What blog, other than your own, do you read the most?

Definitely Soupie's BBQ and Daycare. I spend so much time over there I should get an award or an honorary membership or something!

2. Are you a gadget person? Do you have the latest thingamajigs and whoozits and geegaws? What sort of gadgets do you own?

I am not a gadget person. I only got a cell phone like two years ago and I have yet to own a PDA or Blackberry or whatever the hell those little things are called. Taking care of this blog is about as much as my poor little brain can take. The only gadgets I own are an MP3 player (if that even counts), which I can barely use and which is not an IPod, even though that's what I really want, and...ummmmm..I don't know, a detachable diskdrive? My USB key? Waffle iron? Like I said, not a gadget person.

3. If I gave you $1000 on the condition that you couldn't spend it on something responsible (e.g., bills), or save it, what would you do with the money? (Can you tell that a Democrat is asking that question?)

First of all, it would never occur to me to spend it on something responsible, or save it, so you're safe there. I would probably spend it on taking a trip after I'm done with law school...maybe a cruise to the Bahamas or a trip to Europe or something. I would bring M. because she's the bestest friend a girl could ever have. If I couldn't have a trip I would use it to buy stuff...random, undefinable, pink, shiny, rhinestone-y, sparkly stuff.

4. What are your five favorite sitcoms of all time, other than "Seinfeld" and "The Simpsons"?

This question is HARD! I had to basically give up and pick the five I've probably watched the most in my life, except Sports Night which was rudely ripped from the air at its prime. I just know when I see everyone else's lists I'm going to be pissed that there are like 20 more I should have picked.

1. Scrubs
2. Bewitched
3. Roseanne
4. Sports Night*

5. Organize a film festival based on a theme. Choose a theme and a handful of movies with that theme, and tell us what you've chosen.

My film festival would be "James Spader is a bonafide Sex God!" The movies would be:

Sex, Lies and Videotape
Pretty in Pink
Dream Lover
All the Boston Legal and "the practice" episodes with him in them.

*DUH! Sports NIGHT not Sports CENTER. I suck. I was so tired.
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