Saturday, March 12, 2005


What am I doing right now? Studying? NOOOOO!

I am eating Girl Scout cookies that I bought from a Girl Scout dealer member selling them from a table in front of the student bookstore like the full-on legalized crack that they are.

First off, Samoas are the best Girl Scout cookies. Thin mints are good too, but they're no Samoa. The shortbread ones make really good crust for this blueberry cheesecake I make (instead of the traditional graham cracker crust), but they are also no Samoa. Chocolate, coconut, caramel and cookie stuff in the center. Oh yeah.

Secondly, my most traumatic Girl Scout memory is the year I needed to sell a certain number of cookies to get the prize I wanted, a gold-plated and colored enamel hot-air balloon pendant. I needed just a few more boxes and (1) my mom and dad refused to buy any more boxes because they had a "limit" of how many boxes of cookies they could fit in the house fit in the freezer, and (2) my dad wouldn't take the form thing to work and sell some there because it would be "improper" and "unprofessional" for a high-ranking officer to try to sell his kid's cookies to his lower ranking subordinates and they might feel like they *had* to buy them...WELL YEAH! DUH! I never got the pendant. I got kicked out of Girl Scouts when I clocked the leader's daughter Nicole in the head with a frozen block of ice off the street after she said something mean about me (that I now can't remember).
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