Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Lighten up Francis

HOLY SHIT I think this is funny. Listen to it HERE (second one down)...much better than just reading the lyrics, but I thought I'd put those up anyway. Cuz that's how I roll.

From Eric Schwartz, Suburban Homeboy.


The Wimp-Pimp’s in the crib ma
Blog it like it’s hot
Blog it like it’s hot
Blog it like it’s hot

When the geeks try to get at ya
Gotta know the talk
Gotta know the talk
Gotta know the talk

And if a blogga get a attitude
Puttin’ ‘em on block
Puttin’ ‘em on block
Puttin’ ‘em on block

Carpal tunnel in my arms but I gotta log on
Cuz I host the best site and I got it going on
I'm a nice dude, writin' nice things
Stay up nightly, got some Visine?
Computer hacker, million dollar modem
That's wider than broadband downloadin’

On the keyboard, I’m seriously vicious
You’re inferior, you’re arthritic wristed
It’s like exercising, when I instant message
Don’t send me spam, or I’ll knock you on your hizzead

Chill and take a seat, I’m the illest of the geeks
with the skill to make you R-O-T-F-L up out your seat
So don't try to run up with some paper trying to slide me it
I got a Sidekick
Any communication I’m either rappin or I’m typin’ it
You should click up on it, take a second
Your lips smack.
Take a sip of Smooth-E and rip my mp3


I'm a geeksta, but y'all knew that
Da big Blog Dogg, yeah I had to do that
I keep two megs of space on my hard drive
But only on the inside, external drive on the side
Ain't no playa play role playing games the way I play
I even rock a hard-drive keychain
E-Eri-Eric Schwartz—Smooth-ES-M double O-T, H hyphen E
I’m web pagin’, you’re takin’ what I’m makin’
And I know a place that’s free to see farm animals naked
So bring your friends, y’all should log on my site
We got a world premiere right here, in wi-fi
So don’t change your browser, turn your sound up louder
The doctor of the blog like the one Doogie Howser
Working with the power, the tower and the router
And it’s been a couple days since I took a shower
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