Monday, March 28, 2005

Odds 'N' Ends

Blogger is being so stupid. I had so many things to tell you and now I'm not sure I can remember everything...I hate Blogger for being slow. And dumb.

First, there is this commercial airing here that is so bizarre. Let me set the stage for you. The camera starts out on three attractive young girls, like high school senior age, and then pulls out and you can see they are all wearing what look like prom dresses. They take turns talking, and proceed to tell us, the viewers, that they are receptionists at this law "firm"...really a one man personal injury shop. The assure us that "Mike" is a great guy and would return your calls, unlike those BIG FIRM guys, and the reason he is so on top of everything is because THEY, young teenage girls, are enforcers and keep him on the right track. As the camera pulls all the way back you can see all three girls are standing on what *looks like* a large roll of white butcher paper that is suspended above their heads and rolls down behind them onto the floor...I'm sure it's a screen of some kind, but it looks cheap. You can see the edges of it and all the equipment and stuff on the sides. Then, they all stand there with big teenager-y grins and you hear the lawyers voice go "My Name is Mike Smith and I approved this ad." WHAT? The whole thing is weird and made me feel vaguely uncomfortable that he's employing a bunch of attractive girls who look 15 in his office. Blech.

Second, the commercials for Oprah tomorrow with Priscilla Presley? HOLY SHIT! She looks like a flesh eating cadaverous zombie. Seriously, her mouth is now a maw, a big cavernous yawning brain sucking machine. It's so awful. I'm going to try to find a picture later.

Third, on the news tonight they had a story about a guy whose roof fell in. The culprits? SWEAR TO GOD, the news guy said it was "Pesky mountain beavers." HAHAHAHAHA.

Fourth, damnit. I can't remember what else I was going to say. Oh well, NDC will be happy the list is even.

Fifth, oh yeah. I heard a commercial today that Fantasia, who won American Idol last year (right? I guess...I don't watch it), is going to be on Idol this week singing her new single..."Baby Momma." I have no words.

Sixth...just keeping it even.
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