Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Yup, I'm home.

Some of you who are regular readers know that Mama Spatula is pretty much famous for her...uh...interesting way of phrasing things sometimes.

Well, tonight was no exception. My parents are HUGE FANS of Big Break, this show on The Golf Channel where people golf to win prizes (or something along those lines). So, anyway, they follow it the same way other people follow Days of Our Lives or Melrose Place.

Tonight we're sitting in the living room watching it and here's what Mama Spatula said in response to one of the contestants hitting a putt that just went around the lip of the cup and failed to go in.

"Well, geez...why don't you learn how to make your putts...Mr...Mr...Mr. RIM JOB."

That would be why I'm in here laughing my ass off...so I don't have to explain.
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