Wednesday, October 06, 2004

More on Mama Spatula

I have heard from SEVERAL people that they think my biggest fear about ever being found out in terms of the blog (as opposed to being found out for the millions of other illicit things I'm involved with apparently) should be what will happen if my mom ever reads about how I talk about her. Now, M. will back me up on this, my mom is a total nut. She is the most wonderful person I've ever met too, and I love her to death, but she has her moments of total bizarre-ness (not that I should be talking). Anyway, I got an email tonight from her and thought I'd post an excerpt just so everyone could see how truly scattered she is. It's like she has five personalities and they all took turns writing a sentence.

I bought a broasted turkey breast tonight and made some of the Idahoan mashed potatoes that are different flavors. YUMMY!!!!! New best snack food ever. There are about five flavors. They come in small pouches and I just put it in the micro for 4 minutes and WALA an American Dream. You should try them. I just finished the first class in my Rose Seminar* at the Church. There are at least three people out of the 10 there who have no hope ever of painting a rose or anything else. Oh Well. I should take Molly for a walk but I can't bring myself to do it. It looks like it's gonna storm so I'll use that as an excuse.

PS: *I think I've mentioned before that she's an artist. The "Rose Seminar" is a painting class she teaches at the church for free.

PS pt 2: I'm sure posting this is a guarantee that one day she'll find I want to say in advance: Mom, I love you and think you're awesome and I am SO glad you passed along the gene that allows me to make really awesome snickerdoodles, but you have to admit...sometimes you can be a little crazy. In a nice way. I love you.
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