Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The winter blahs...

I've been busy working my poor little fingers to the bone helping my mom do all kinds of stuff around the house that she normally can't do...like scrub the laundry room floor on my hands and knees. It's been REAL fun. No, seriously. Yesterday I spent several hours cleaning and organizing her craft/painting room with her...oh my GOD, it was awful. I can't believe that she claims not to know where my packrat tendencies come from.

Anyway, I don't have much to write about today since I'm sure that none of you care how much I had to scrub the grout around Molly the Satanic Dog's waterbowl to get it sparkling white again, or how awful it was to be forced to go with my dad to Wal-Mart during the Christmas season so he could look at something (he can't go alone...he'd probably either die or kill someone).

The one great thing about my parent's house (well, technically, one of the MANY great things) is the jacuzzi tub...so I think I'm going to go indulge in a bubble bath and relax. Soon I have to tackle the file transfer from my old laptop to my new one...but not until I'm feeling less tense.
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