Sunday, December 11, 2005

Who needs sleep? NOT ME!

I finally fell asleep last night (or rather this morning) around 4am. Needless to say, I feel pretty effing awesome this morning. I took the car down to the local not-really-authentic-at-all bagel shop though and had a big breakfast, and I picked up my Super Big Gulp Diet Coke on the way home, so at least I have carbs and caffeine...two of the primary building blocks of the whole exam preparation process.

When I leave on Tuesday to go home, I'm taking all of my old books that I don't want anymore so that my mom can get credit for them at the used bookstore she frequents. I think with this pile she'll be knee-deep in bodice rippers for AT LEAST a week...maybe longer if she quits going through four a day.

Also, please notice all that yarn in my sewing basket...that should prove to my friends that I had high hopes of making each and every one of you a beautiful handmade holiday gift...but like a lot of things in my life lately, it just hasn't happened the way I would have hoped. Maybe you'll all get beautiful scarves sometime in June.

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