Sunday, December 04, 2005

Updating my blog reading list.

Blogging is one of the most prolific time wasters in the entire universe, which of course means that during exam week I'll be doing ten times more blogging than usual. The other night I got to IM'ing with Elle Woods over at Legally Blonde (who by the way, reminds me of a young E. Spat...poor girl), and I realized that although I've read her blog I didn't have a link up to it. I recently did try to go through my blogroll and take out all the blogs that have recently gone the way of the Simpson-Lachey marriage (maybe K-Fed and Whorebag Spears will break up in time for Jessica to snatch him up), but I know there's a few more over there that have died out even in just the past few weeks. MEANWHILE, there are lots of new law student, lawyer, and normal-person/non-lawyer blogs out there that I have yet to discover. So, in the spirit of avoiding studying at all costs, and updating my blogroll, I'm taking suggestions.

Would you like your blog added to the roll?

Would you like your friend's blog added to the roll?

Do you know of a good law-student or lawyer blog I should be reading?

Do you know of a good other-type-person blog I should be reading?

Is there someone so funny you just have to tell the world about them??

Well, leave a comment over the next couple of days, and next time I'm trying to avoid outlining Crim Pro I'll update my blogroll...perhaps I'll even make categories like everyone else has...but that might be pushing it motivation-wise.
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