Friday, December 23, 2005

The sweet, sweet smell of validation.

I need 12 credits each quarter to graduate in June...I'm a little bit ahead due to some extra classes/credits in 2L.

Option A: 16 credits. Trial Advocacy+Subsection (3), International Criminal Law (3), Income Tax(5), Transmission of Wealth (5).

Option B: 13 Credits. Trial Advocacy+Subsection (3), Income Tax(5), Transmission of Wealth (5).

International Criminal Law is taught by my all-time most favoritest law school professor ever in the whole world, but will (knowing him) be very challenging and time intensive, and (obviously) is of no great utility to me in the "real world." Of course, given my track record in terms of finding a job, none of these are really all that useful. What I really need is "The Law of Supersizing" and "Legal Implications of Waste Management Engineering," or perhaps even "Policy Considerations of Mooching Off Friends and Family."

Take the easy schedule and put in 3 more hours of beer drinking a week? Right? RIGHT?
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