Thursday, December 22, 2005

How gross?

Today we stopped by the bike shop briefly so that my dad could write down his schedule for next week. There was a large plate of cookies on the counter that apparently a customer brought in and the guys who work in the shop have been eating off of for the past couple days. My dad's coworker goes "Hey, have a cookie! There are tons there, we'll never finish them." So I walk over to look them over, and while I'm trying to decide, my dad goes "Whatever you do, don't eat those red ones, they are SO GROSS!" The kid that works at the shop then goes "Yeah,'re just saying that so that none of us will eat them." Daddy Spatula then says, "No, I swear, they're so disgusting, don't eat one...or if you do, remember that I warned you!" Then, the kid goes "Well, how gross are they?" And Daddy Spatula, God bless his melodramatic soul, goes "They're SO GROSS! They're...they're...puking out your nose gross."

I'm pretty sure that the red cookies will all still be sitting there after all the other cookies are gone.
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