Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ben, Jerry and Me...it's the perfect storm.

Of late I have been really eating healthfully, and exercising regularly...and I look and feel so much better that most of the time I don't really feel like my life has changed too much or like I'm missing anything. And then, today happened. In a fit of hormone and exam-studying induced pie-hole-stuffing gluttony, I shoveled down about 20,000,000 calories worth of absolute CRAP in just one short day. McMexican? Yup. Ben and Jerry's? Yup. Easy Mac? Oh hell yes. I swear to God, I feel like I'm going to die and I didn't even really enjoy any of it. Worse yet, I feel even MORE terrible because I haven't really been eating like this lately, and my body is like "Holy shit, what are you trying to do to me you big dumb whore?"

The only solution is to sit and watch My Name is Earl and The Office while holding my belly and moaning and promising God that I won't do this again until next time I forget how horrible it makes me feel...which is usually also what I promise after a good hard night of drinking cheap vodka when I wake up looking like a crackwhore and feeling like I got hit by a Mack Truck. Why is it that the more I drink the more black eyeliner and red lipstick I feel compelled to put on? Also, seriously, liquid glitter eyeliner is not for drunk girls. NO, it does not make you look more "sultry," unless by "sultry" you mean "like a really, really drunk hooker."

Anyhoo, back to the subject. I feel like poo...and it's totally my own fault. Thank goodness I finished my final Legal Research assignment earlier this afternoon...my poor bloated fingers can barely grasp the remote.
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