Saturday, December 03, 2005

Obviously I need to work on my go-away face.

I wish that I was at least a little bit shocked at how effective my time-wasting strategies are as finals loom closer. I am a mere 23 reading assignments behind in Crim Pro and I've made tea (Tazo orange...very good), gone to 7-11 for a Super Big Gulp, made numerous trips to other parts of the school for various things, eaten lunch (Lean Cuisine Spaghetti...pretty decent as far as these things go), etc.... I guess this means exams are really, truly, actually right around the corner. Nothing can get me living in Proscrastination-ville, pop. 1, faster.

I cannot even believe I only have a week to learn Crim Pro...what the hell was I thinking? Why do I always do this to myself? Oh well. What's a girl to do? One and a half weeks. No problem.

In other news, here's another conversation I have at least a few times a week with Random Strangers.

RS: "So, you're in law school?"

Me: "Yup."

RS: "Well, you know how there's a law that says XYZ?"

Me: "OK."


Me: "Uh. I don't really know."

RS: "But you're in law school."

Me: "Yes. But I'm not very good at it."

RS: "What specialty are you going into again?"

*see conversation in last night's post for how this ends*

Today a guy at Starbucks who I just ended up talking to for some reason asked me about the new anti-smoking ordinance that apparently just passed here (see how I don't pay attention to this shit because I can't be bothered to watch any news that isn't related to what's on Lost this week?). When I said I had heard of it (hoping it would get him off my back) he goes, "Well, you know how it says you can't smoke within 25 feet of a doorway?" I go "Uh, yeah"...once again, hoping he would just shut up...but, of course, there was no way he was going to give up. So he goes "So, what would happen if, say, I was driving my car and smoking a cigarette and I was stopped at a red light and it just happened to be within 25 feet of a door? Would I get arrested?" I swear to God, what the hell is wrong with people that they ask questions like this to total (or almost total) strangers??? I'm just sitting there trying to read my effing book...go away dude! After I admitted I had no idea, we had to go through the whole thing again only this time it was "What about ladies night? How come that's OK when it clearly discriminates against men?" I go "You know, think of it as equalization for the fact that we're still making less money than men so we need cheaper drinks" (see how I'm kinda trying to be funny but I'm totally irritated?) and he goes "Well, that's because, on average, women work less than men." So, now I'm about to get into a fight with this dude at Starbucks and he's a total caveman...why bother? I pick up my books and start packing up to leave and when I walked out the door he was still babbling to the person next to him. Jesus. I am going to have to start wrapping my books in brown paper bags like in high school so that people will not know what I'm in school for.
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