Saturday, December 17, 2005


Oh my GOD. My mom and I decided to go to the mall today because it might snow tonight and it's about 35 miles away through the mountains. And, when I say "the mall," I mean, "an 'As Seen On TV' store, a Payless Shoe Source, a Mervyn's, and a Radio Shack, all enclosed in a building with a Great Wall of China Buffett and a pet store."

Anyhow, I seriously hate Christmas shopping! How did I ever stand doing it before started rocking my world? The people! They touch, and push, and shove, and worst of all, they talk to you! At least four or five different people started trying to tell me some stupid story or wanted to ask my opinion about something and the whole time I'm just trying to give them my go-away face and shrink further into my fleece. GACK! I hate the mall! The only thing worse than the mall was Costco. Then it was just a huge building full of pushy horrible people and screaming kids and slow-ass old people. I seriously have to go lie down and try to recuperate from the trauma.

I did find the one thing I wanted for my mom, which is an ambient DVD she can play in the new and improved Gigantor TV that shows peaceful aquarium scenes. She loves that stuff.

I have to go shovel some cookies down my gullet and think of all the reasons why I will never take internet shopping for granted again. *shudder*
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