Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Still waiting.

So, I slept in this morning (for me, that's anything past 7am), and it's nearly 9:00 and I still haven't heard from my interviewer to let me know what time/place the interview will be today...assuming of course that they still want to talk to me. I could call the guy on his cell, but he's apparently in court or something.

This kind of blows. I like the firm and I'm happy they asked me back for a second interview, but honestly I do not do well with loose ends. I like to know when things are going to happen so that I can plan ahead and be all prepared. It makes me very nervous to think about having to throw on a suit and try to head downtown in some kind of last-minute type scenario this afternoon.

Oh well, guess there's nothing I can do about it.

I have started putting all my music and stuff on my computer and it's SO FAST! It's awesome! I can't even believe how fast it is...my old one took forever to do anything and I didn't even realize how slow it was because I had nothing to compare it to. So, at least I have a new toy to play with while I wait to see if this guy is going to call.

UPDATE: OK, 3:30 it is. That's awesome...I have the whole day to get my sty of an apartment cleaned up. And maybe a sweet, sweet nap...oh yeah.
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