Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Why am I the only one that has that dream?

I didn't sleep well last night because I had a recurring dream that I was in the passenger seat of a car being driven off a cliff. Every single time I would tell the driver "NO! Don't drive through the back of that building!!!" (we were driving through a building for some reason...maybe we had just robbed a bank), and he/she/it would shift up and go faster until our entire car would fly through the back wall of this building and plunge off a cliff hundreds of feet into a rocky ravine. If I had to guess, the name of the ravine is probably something like "Crim Pro Exam Not Gonna Pass," or "Failure Gulch" or "Shitty Law Student Valley."

Anyway, today I'm tired. I did drive to school and stop on the way for a Super Big Gulp, so at least that will keep me awake for awhile. Now I have to go back up all my stuff on my hard drive because my computer is giving me signals that it might die at any time...and I don't get the new laptop until next week.
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