Sunday, December 11, 2005

Ooooohhh...another contest!

Blondie wonders if she can guess what CD's I've been listening to while I study...and it's funny because I had dinner tonight with The Guacamole Kid and I was totally trying to analyze what kind of movies he would like and I was DEAD WRONG. I also went on a date this summer with a guy who I tried to guess what kind of car his non-official work vehicle was and I was DEAD WRONG. In fact, I think he was semi-offended at the horrible choices I came up with (An IMPALA? You think I drive an IMPALA?).

Anyway, who wants to guess what CD's I'm listening to? No one? C'mon, play'll be fun and there will be...uh...prizes! Hell yeah...prizes! You might be asking yourself, "Ooooh, what kind of prizes?" Well, SHUT UP! Quit asking stupid questions and start guessing. There are 7 CD's in my player and most of them I have talked about in one form or another on this blog before. Get to it.
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