Monday, December 19, 2005

You shouldn't have. No really.

Guess what I'm getting for Christmas?

My THIRD invitation to sit down and chat with the FBI regarding my ex. Apparently this is going to be the gift that just keeps giving. Awesome.

I thought it was especially nice of them to tell me that, in deference to the fact that I'm out of town for the holiday, they will be happy to ask me their questions over the phone and not have me come down to the office...again...for the third time. There's nothing I want more than to either (a) explain to my parents that I have to answer more questions and get them all upset a few days before Christmas, or (b) try to hold a secret conversation in a house that, for all intents and purposes, might as well not have doors.

Guess I know who I'll be calling first thing tomorrow...probably from a closet, or the shed out back or something. This is seriously starting to get old.

UPDATE: I spoke with my favorite neighborhood FBI agent this morning (is it bad that we're actually becoming friendly? "Hey E. Spat! How's law school? How's the job hunt?"). I had to tell my parents because it's very difficult to keep a secret in this house...the only reason I can keep the blog secret is that my parents think I keep in touch via email with like 10,000 of my closest friends and that's why I'm always typing away. Anyway, that's done for now...if anything develops in the case that I can (or want to) write about, I'll put up a post about it at that time.
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