Monday, December 12, 2005

150,000 visitors...and only 137,532 were searching for a picture of Josh Holloway from Lost.

I was scrolling down through my posts looking for something, and when I got to the end where the sitecounter is, I realized I'm going to hit 150,000 visitors probably tomorrow or maybe late tonight. That's freaking CRAZY! If I can figure out who is the 150,000th visitor, I'll have to give them a shout-out (don't hold your breath though since I think we all know how technologically idiotic I am).

Damn though. When I started this blog I used to get like 6 visitors a day for the longest time, and I would get SO EXCITED if I had anything in the double digits! I never thought anyone but my friends would read it, and instead I've made a lot of new friends (plus some of the original readers are still around in one capacity or another...yay!). This is so cool...when I think of all the times I almost quit...I'm glad I didn't. I love the interactions with all of you, and I love that I have a written record of most of my law school experience, the ups AND downs. I have never been able to stick with a written journal, so this has been a great experience for me, this crazy blogging thing.

Since I won't be around tomorrow, THANKS! Thank you for coming back, thank you for coming at all, thank you for your feedback and suggestions and your emails and comments. Like most bloggers, I'm probably a narcissist at heart, but I still can't believe people come here to read about my boring life although I'm so grateful they do (we can debate WHY I feel the need to broadcast my entire life for the enjoyment/entertainment/pity of others at a later date...perhaps after exams).

Anyway, thanks!

UPDATE: It's 7:44pm here on the west coast, and we're 81 people away from visitor number 150,00. This is SUCH a great excuse not to work on my Crim Pro outline for the exam I have tomorrow morning at 8:30 am, and I still have to pack, pack up the car, straighten the house a bit (I gave my friend keys to stay here while I'm gone for a night or two...long story), and still get up early to pick up Guac Kid, get my Super Big Gulp, and then meet another friend for breakfast. Multi-tasking is FUN! It's Visitor-Watch 2005 (cue horrible TV news music that they play for every natural disaster, no matter how minor).
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