Sunday, December 18, 2005

Best Of...

I miss the "Weekly Law School Roundup" over at Notes from the (Legal) Underground. I know that some people are doing this Blawg Review thing...but (and not to hurt anyone's feelings) I don't really understand how it works, I've only been mentioned in it once (this shows great taste on the part of the editors, but I am slightly bitter), and it seems to mostly include posts from the more "serious" blawgs. Does Instapundit really need any more publicity? Is there really no one who reads/appreciates the more humorous legal blogs (and I won't name names, but I mean blogs that are ACTUALLY humorous rather than those that are famously funny and so we should all think they're funny but really they're not)?

I appreciate how much work those Blawg Reviews must take to put together, they just rarely include the blogs that I actually read because I guess I don't generally read blogs for anything but fun and perhaps a little bit of voyeurism. I get involved with the bloggers whose work I read and care about their lives and that leads me to certain distinct types of blogs...namely, not so much the political/only legal shop talk types.

I know that most of what I just said is a gross overgeneralization. I know that I have failed to participate and so it's probably my own fault. And, I know that my taste in blawgs/blogs is very much in the same vein as the type of blog I run...but even so, where are the funny blogs? Where are the people who I read all the time and think are amusing? Where are the blogs from law students who are making their way through this experience with their sense of humor firmly intact??

What I appreciated about the Weekly Roundup was that it helped me get some readers and links as a brand new law school blogger, it led me to lots of other great law school bloggers, and usually it showcased only law students who were writing something that I nearly always found interesting or entertaining.

I would like to resurrect it. I know AmbImb tried to take it on for awhile, and I think I was actually supposed to help out with that endeavour over at Blawg Wisdom, but I was probably flaky and he is an incredibly busy person who is already doing amazing things both at his own blog and other places. My only real fear is that I will end up linking to the same people who I think are amusing and interesting week after week and therefore not accomplish the exact things that I found so fantastic about the original.

Would you guys, readers and other bloggers alike, help out by submitting things that you think should be included so that I could put something together on a weekly or biweekly basis? Is this a stupid idea? Am I feeling the loss of something that other people don't care about?

I don't think it necessarily HAS to be restricted to law students, but I think it should be mainly law student centered. I don't think it HAS to be only funny people, but I like to read lighthearted fare, and I sense that the more serious topics and posts are being covered in other places. You don't HAVE to help out, especially if you think this idea sucks, but I probably won't do it if I don't have at least a few people willing to pop me an email when they see something good that I might not run into on my own (here's a hint...I rarely, if ever, venture past my own blog roll).

Anyway, let me know.
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