Saturday, December 24, 2005

At least I come by it honestly.

Let me introduce you to my father's extensive Diet Coke supply...everything but the four boxes sitting on the top shelf of the shoe organizer thingie are empties that are waiting to go to recycling. Most of those are his, as I go by 7-11 nearly every day for my Super Big Gulp Diet Coke, as does he when I'm here. Anyway, I just wanted everyone to see that this may indeed be genetic. Also, what's really funny is that there are four 12-packs left and EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. he asks my mom when she's going to get more because he's "running low and doesn't want to run out." If I had opened the fridge there you would see there are also a couple of 12-packs in there. My mom makes him keep them outside so they don't mess up "her fridge" in the kitchen.

Happy Holidays!!
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