Thursday, December 22, 2005


Last night my mom and I skipped dinner because we'd gone out for a big lunch while shopping. So, while my dad was eating his dinner after work, the following exchange occured.

Me: "Mom says that after you eat we can go to Dairy Queen and get blizzards."

Daddy Spatula: *furtively looking around to make sure Mama Spatula is nowhere to be seen* "Oh yeah? Did she say we could go or did she say she could ask me for permission to go since I'm the man of this house and in charge?"

Mama Spatula: *comes around corner JUST IN TIME* "What did you just say?"

Daddy Spatula: "Honey! I was just asking what time you'd like to leave to go to Dairy Queen?!"

And that's how we do it in the Spatula house. The only person less in charge than my dad one. Even Molly the Satanic Dog gets a vote.
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