Monday, December 19, 2005

Hey, is what I'm eating tuna or chicken?

Something about the metric system on TV....

Mama Spatula: "The metric system is stupid. Everyone should just not use it, it's too hard."

Me: "What, like the whole rest of the planet should just quit using it?"

Mama Spatula: "Well, they don't use it in England!"

Me: "You don't think?"

Mama Spatula: "No! They don't use it in England OR in Britain!"

Daddy Spatula: "Well, I guess it WOULD be hard for England and Britain to use different systems..." *smirk smirk smirk*

Mama Spatula: "Why are you laughing? What did I say? I happen to know that neither England nor Britain uses the metric system!"

Me: "Well, I think they both do, and I think, technically, they are actually the same"

Mama Spatula: "NO! No they're not!"

Daddy Spatula: "Um...."

Mama Spatula: "Well, they didn't used to be the same country. I read historical romances...I know these things. They might be the same now, but it probably just changed."
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